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This skin-perfecting formula is as healthy as it is luxurious.

A creamy concealer colored from fruit pigments and hydrating olive squalane.

So are most people when they vent about Tinder and how it has ruined dating/love/monogamy.

Their argument is overly obvious: that it’s too easy to find a new (sex) partner, and therefore nobody settles down anymore, swiping the moment something goes wrong in a relationship. Your options were: meet through friends (and our circle of friends tends to dwindle as we get older, so that stops working by one’s mid-20s); meet at a bar (kind of like meeting on Tinder except when a guy comes up to you and says something creepy, you still have to engage instead of just putting your phone down); meet at Whole Foods (which never happens); and so on.

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We talked over the next few weeks and decided on a crazy first date. I realize that one person’s experience doesn’t sum up anything, that even the most colorful anecdotes can’t really rebuff the myth that has crept into the American consciousness: that Tinder—that app wherein users swipe right to choose (or swipe left to reject) potential mates—is a wretched realm for shallow sex addicts, ruining not just monogamy but dating itself.On both of those sites, women had to sift through dozens of boring or creepy messages to find anything worth responding to, and guys copied and pasted hundreds of boring or creepy messages because they grew so accustomed to being ignored that there was no point in spending time crafting the perfect message to the perfect girl.Tinder works better than anything else because you can’t message anyone unless they pick you too; that’s why it’s popular.“Most people are shocked to realize that nobody is stopping companies from making sex toys out of whatever materials they want, then labelling them however they please,” laments Epiphora, a snarky sex toy reviewer with six years (and 400 sex toy reviews) of experience.“It upsets me to see people so disillusioned with sex toys.” If there’s any product customers want to make sure is nontoxic, it’s toys that they’ll be sticking into their most intimate places.

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